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Calling ID ToolBar

Know Who You Are Dealing With Online

  • Lets you see the owner of the site you are accessing, where it is located and whether it is safe to send it personal information
  • Automatically detects and warns you when you're accessing phishing sites
  • Verifies safe sites and provides you with a green light to do business with them
  • Executes 54 verification tests on each page you visit and provides you with a simple easy-to-understand risk assessment
CallingID Toolbar uses 54 verification tests to evaluate web sites. When any of these tests fail, the user is urged to rethink his/her intention to submit personal information, username, password and credit card number, or to place an order from that site. It summarizes the results of the tests in a simple indication to help the user decide how to proceed.

A "red" icon indicates that exposing private or confidential information to this site is very risky and may be misused by the site owner. Such risk is a result of a pattern usually utilized by scammers. It may be, for example, masking site owner's identity; using a pirate server in a legitimate site or using a known phishing site. Indicated with a "yellow" icon reveals that the site has a problem. The user should be aware of the problem and decide whether to take the risk of sending data to such a site. Low risk sites are sites whose owner was not identified as an organization conducting business, sites that were not registered correctly, etc. Indicated with a "green" icon which signals that it is safe to submit information and make purchases at these sites. The site was identified as an organization conducting business located at a real address and passed all 54 verification tests.

License Free
Requirements Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
File size 3.04MB