Freeware is copyrighted computer software which is made available for use free of charge, for an unlimited time, as opposed to shareware where the user is required to pay (e.g. after some trial period or for additional functionality). The license may be "free for personal, non-commercial use." Everything created with the freeware programs can be distributed at no cost (for example graphic, documents, or sounds made by user). (

ICQ 3.4.23 for Mac

ICQ version 3.4.23 for Mac added a faster and more reliable file transfer, split message mode with longer messages.

This freeware for mac , ICQ 3.4.23 also radically improves database, better multilingual support, a typing indicator, improved sounds support, new interface customization options, Jaguar compatibility and many other improvements.
ICQ 3.4.23 for Mac is a user-friendly Internet program that searches for your friends and associates on the Net, alerting you in real time when they sign on. You can exchange messages and files, engage in real-time chat, play games, and more. Newer features include improved client-server communication, expanded preferences, speech support, drag-and-drop capabilities for text and files, bug fixes, and an enhanced interface.

ICQ 3.4.23 stores your contact list on the server; a new ICQ global hot key can be set in the preferences; there is better AppleScript support; and much more. In addition, messages can be sorted and exported to a text file or copied to the clipboard; preferences for using ICQ from behind a firewall have been added; and there is now more search criteria to choose from, including the ability to search for online users only.

License: Free Requirements: Mac OS 8.6/9.x or Mac OS X