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Winamp 5.51 Full Beta 1741

Winamp 5.51 Full Beta 1741 is a free multimedia player made by Nullsoft that supports numerous audio and video formats. It also plays streamed video and audio content, both live and recorded, authored worldwide.

What is Winamp 5.51?
Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity music and video player for Windows. Winamp supports MP3, CD, WAV and other audio formats, custom appearances called skins, plus audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins. additional features including free-form skins, a new decoder, built-in cross fade, and an advanced Media Library.

Winamp 5.51 Features :
+ Play and Playlist the Best Music on the Web with Media Monitor
+ Get Artist & Concert News, Videos & more with Smart Search
+ Control Winamp From Your Browser with the Winamp Toolbar
+ Enjoy Dynamic Song Recommendations
+ A Completely Redesigned Interface, including Album Art
+ Experience MP3 Surround Sound Support
+ Access to Thousands of Online Radio Stations, Videos and More!
+ 50 FREE MP3 Music Downloads compliments of eMusic's 2-week Trial
+ Multiple device support, including iPods
+ Access and Share Your Music and Videos with Winamp Remote
+ Auto-Tagger provides automatic updates to file information

Winamp 5.51 has an extremely customizable media library, and allows you to rip and burn your favorite music CDs. Winamp has thousands of skins and plug-ins that allow you to change the look and feel of the player, as well as add new features. The player also has access to thousands of free songs, videos and online radio stations from SHOUTcast Radio and AOL Radio with XM.

Winamp Version 5.51 adds a host of new features, including a new integrated user interface (Bento skin), support for album art, improved syncing with portable music players, new dynamic playlists, and an integrated browser for playing MP3 files from the Web.

Winamp 5.51 Full Beta 1741 has license: Freeware
File Size: 8.21 MB
Freeware Winamp 5.51 Full Beta 1741 Requirements:
- Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista