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ATI Catalyst Drivers 8.6

ATI Catalyst: A free software suite for ATI Radeon graphics that helps improve PC performance by increasing overall stability and providing innovative new features. The latest Windows XP drivers and software for the Radeon range of ATI graphics cards. Catalyst allows for adjustments to the Radeon card as well as for showing information about the card itself and the software data. There are three modes for the control center: simple, advanced and wizard modes.

What is ATI Catalyst Drivers 8.6 ?
ATI Catalyst Drivers 8.6 is a utility software driver package for several ATI products for several operating systems. The Catalyst software was instituted after the release of the Radeon 8500. This driver development paradigm at ATI promised monthly driver updates which included performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. Catalyst driver package typically included ATI Catalyst Control Center; an interface for manipulating many of the hardware's functions, such as 3D settings, monitor controls, video options, among other things. It also offered a small 3D preview, allowing the user to see how changes to the graphics settings affected the quality of the rendered image.

ATI Catalyst Drivers 8.6 Features:
+ ATI Catalyst Driver. This is the backbone of the entire Catalyst software that accelerates your 2D desktop and 3D applications (using either the OpenGL or Direct3D components)
+ ATI Catalyst Control Center. This is ATI's new user interface that revolutionizes how users interact with their ATI graphics accelerator - users can very quickly setup and configure their graphics accelerator settings using the ATI Catalyst Control Center
+ Hydravision (HV). A separate software package that allows users to more efficiently organize multiple applications across multiple displays - great for business users
+ Multi-Media Center (MMC) and Remote Wonder (RW). Separate software package designed to provide the ultimate multi-media playback experience.

ATI Catalyst Drivers 8.6 has license: Freeware
File Size: 35.92 MB
Freeware ATI Catalyst Drivers 8.6 Requirements:
- Windows XP/2003